Monday, November 14, 2011

Antón likely to skip 2012 Giro

It seems increasingly likely that Monte Zoncolan-conqueror Igor Antón will indeed skip next year's Giro in favour of a Vuelta a España-centred calendar. He revealed as much when talking to Spanish cycling mag Meta2Mil over the weekend.

"I have two options: either I do the Giro and the Vuelta like I did this year, or I'll only do the Vuelta like I did in 2010. If I opt for the latter option, I'll also be able to perform well in other races that suit me like Romandie and the one-day Classics. I would prefer to focus solely on the Vuelta next year - that race has given me so much. I know it's a gamble to bet everything on one race, but that's a risk I'm willing to take. I'll go for the overall win. After that I'll have time to go for other races. But in 2012, the Vuelta is what motivates me", he explained.

An appearance at the Tour is out of the question - for now at least. The Galdakao native says this year's course is not to his taste, but doesn't rule out coming back to France one day.

"I don't really like the parcours. The almost 100 kilometres against the clock favours the time trialists, and I'm not one of them. I would like to aim for the race some time in the future, but when I do I think I'll go for a stage over the overall. The Giro and the Vuelta are more suited to me - both in terms of the races' profile and my characteristics as a rider. I'd like to go all out for the Giro once as well".

Despite having attracted offers from pretty much every top team in the world out there over the last few years, Antón remains ever-loyal towards his local team. And as long as the sponsors stay on, he'll stay on as well.

"I want to stay for many years. I feel comfortable here, and the guys in charge of the team have always believed in me. I might be forced to leave in 2013, but that won't be because I would like to. I want to stay with Euskaltel".

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